Charity Right Serves Families In Rural Thar Who Has Little Means To Support Themselves Since The Harsh Drought Has Dried Up Their Fields.

More than half of our countrymen are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and hunger.

The children of the area suffer from undernutrition and are severely underweight. We have over 300 families on our database and on a rotational basis personally visit each home to ensure they are secure and healthy.

Each monthly ration packet is hand distributed by a member of our team to deserving families which include:

  • Flour 20 Kg
  • Oil/Ghee 2.5 Kg
  • Rice 3 Kg
  • Sugar 2 Kg
  • Dal Chana 1 Kg
  • Dal Mong 1 Kg
  • Dal Masoor 1 Kg
  • Dal Kala Masoor 1 Kg
  • White Chana 1 Kg
  • Besan 1 Kg
  • Salt 1 packet