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Adeel Ahmed
Head of F2E & Right Pay Program

Mr Adeel has been a part of CR-PK team since August 2020. He joined us as a salesman at one of our Right Choice Stores. With his hardworking nature and unwavering commitment to achieving goals, he was elevated to the position of Program Manager, Right Choice Stores in 2022. During this period, he also played an important role, enabling CR-PK to go Live on ERP system in February 2023. On account of his infectious energy, a strong team-oriented mindset, the will to learn and grow, he was elevated to the position of “Head-Feed to Educate (F2E) & Right Pay (RP) Programs,” where he consistently contributes to the organization’s overall success with a passion for making a positive impact in the society. He is a role model for other members of the CR-PK team.